What’s ABS?

The ABS Avalanche Airbag System is an emergency equipment,
which under certain conditions can prevent a total burial if activated.
Self inflating 2 airbags help you to float on the snow during avalanche, and decrease the possibility of a total burial.
Every avalanche is absolutely life threatening regardless of any equipment.
The inflated airbags will not compromise your possible escape or avoidance of rocks etc.

For all Skiers and Snowboarders

The ABS Avalanche Airbag should not in any way increase your willingness to take risks.
It is designed for the improvement of safety when you are caught in avalanche,
but it is not the item decreasing the possibility of encounter an avalanche.
For your and other skiers' safety, please follow the rule of each ski resort and do not enter the restricted area.
Please respect the advice of experts and certificated person such as mountain guides when you are outside of a controlled area.

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